Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives (ILEA)

The ILEA is an Institute of the Faculty 5 (Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology).


Research and Teaching

Basically we work in two main areas, on the one hand in the field of power electronics and on the other hand in the field of electrical drives.

In the field of power electronics, we focus on three main areas of research:

  • power electronic circuits for various applications, e.g. inverters for electrical drives or process current sources for hydrogen electrolysis,
  • the use of wide band gap components such as SiC- or GaN- power transistors and e.g. choke coils or transformers with unusual geometry,
  • reliability of power electronic devices.

In the field of electrical drives, we address topics such as energy efficiency or sensorless control of such machines.

We take care of sensors whenever the sensor required for an application does not yet exist.
Almost all of our topics require elements from modern control engineering, which is why control theory is of central importance to us.

This is also reflected in the courses on offer. In addition to the courses on "Power Electronics", ILEA is also responsible for the subject of "Control Engineering". In the course "Electrical Energy Technology II" we teach the students of various study programs the basics of electrical machines and transformers. The course "Electrical Drives" is aimed at students from non-electrical engineering study programs.

This image shows Jörg Roth-Stielow

Jörg Roth-Stielow

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Institute director


Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives

Pfaffenwaldring 47 , 70569 Stuttgart

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