Current Probes at ILEA

We develop current probes with two different measurement ranges.

ILEA SMZ 201, picture of a current probe

Isolated current sensing is one of the many research focuses of the institute of power electronics and electrical drives. The developed current probes can measure both static and dynamic currents very precisely.  

Three devices are developed for the measurement ranges of
200 A and 800 A, which can measure random current flow of direct and alternating currents.

Detailed information can be obtained from the datasheets shown below.

ILEA SMZ 805, picture of current probe
Schematic with points of current measurement
Schematic with points of current measurement

Challenges of current measurement in power electronic circuits:

  • Power flow is realised by the pulsed operation of the semiconductor devices

  • High switching frequency reduces the size of the energy storage devices

  • Fast switching operations reduce the switching energy losses

Contact person for the current probe


General questions regarding the current probes

Pfaffenwaldring 47, 70569 Stuttgart

This image shows Chris Hermann, M.Sc.

Chris Hermann, M.Sc.


Contact person for SMZ 201 and 805

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